Simeon Tsonchev

Director · producer

Simeon Tsonchev - director, producerSimeon Tsonchev (1980) has studied in the Classical Lyceum in Sofia. He later graduates as a Film Director with the short fiction Delete (2008), which has won numerous awards and is aired on Spanish TV channel RTVE. Simeon is the initiator of the Balkan film project Pawn Shop (2011), presented at Sofia Meetings. He is the founder of Mono Collective – a platform which support emerging Bulgarian filmmakers. Some of his works include the nature documentary film Flying Away (2013), which presents the variety of wild birds in Bulgaria and the short documentary Help us #SavePirin (2016), commissioned by WWF and watched by over one million viewers worldwide. He loves wild nature, reading, sleeping out in the open air and mountain biking.

  • Poslednata vulna – feature film
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