Voyvoda – Veni

Music video – dir. Simeon Tsonchev

Има ли кой да ни избави
да ти подаде въже
и докато нежно стенеш
да ти пререже вените


Voyvoda are an Experimental DIY Postwar/Post-punk band from the Balkans. Born in the right place at the wrong time!

Voyvoda have played with Mizar, Diary of Dreams, Hocico, Icon Of Coil, Stromkern, Daemonia Nymphe, Assemblage 23, Roses Rovine & Amanti, Kayno Yasno Slonce, Irfan, Cruciform Injection etc.

Throughout its history, Voyvoda has been stationed in Sofia, Gainesville, Los Angeles, Budapest, Paris, Rijeka and Krvavi Potok.

You can find Veni in Voyvoda – Bunt EP.


Има ли кой да ни избави
да ти подаде въже
и докато нежно стенеш
да ти пререже вените

Има ли кой да ни забрави
да ни прости още веднъж
и докато те копаем
слънцето да ни огрее пак

Има ли кой да ни избави
има ли кой да ни забрави

Technical specs

  • original title: Voyvoda – Veni Voyvoda – Veni
  • country: Bulgaria
  • release date: December 2010
  • filming format: HD
  • screening formats: HD, HDV, BD, BetaSP, MiniDV, DVD, DV
  • picture: black & white, 1.78:1
  • sound: stereo 2.0
  • runtime: 3 min & 22 sec
  • original language: Bulgarian
  • website: monoco.eu/veni


  • Filip S. Filipov – synths, programming, bass & voice
  • Mladen Savov – drums
  • Kalin Petrov – synths
  • Georgi Chirov – bass & voice
  • Maya Popova – synths


  • director & editor – Simeon Tsonchev
  • director of photography – Ivan Vatsov
  • colourist – Kalin Petrov
  • assistant director – Alexander ‘Sancho’ Marinov
  • assistant cameraman – Dimo Atanassov
  • key grip – Grigor Kumitski
  • second unit director of photography – Ivaylo Donchev
  • make-up designer – Greta Velikova
  • producer – Simeon Tsonchev
  • production – Mono Collective

Kindly supported by

The music video for Veni wouldn’t happen without the support of our friends:

Grigor Kumitski, Yordan Bankov, Valentin Popov, Konstantin Popov, Tsaisa & Kudravia, Alexander Koynov, Valеntin Marinov-Pelo, Andrey Getov, Slavi Stoev, Marta Ivaylova, Stefan Krastev, Viktor Popov

And of course thanks to the band and the crew.

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