Praktrik Puzzle Furniture

Stop motion commercial – dir. Simeon Tsonchev

Praktrik Puzzle Furniture are inspired by interlocking burr puzzles. They are fun!

Stop motion commercial

Praktrik Puzzle furniture are inspired by interlocking burr puzzles. All pieces are made of high quality natural materials and require absolutely not tools or fixtures for assembly.

They are sustainable, innovative and mind joggling puzzle pieces that suit every need.

They combine mysticism, structural rationalism, and interactivity in one.

They embody the perfect composition where either adding or subtracting elements can destroy it.

They stimulate the intelligence of the user. They are fun!

Get involved in the development collection designed for kids – support Praktrik campaign in Indiegogo.

Idea and client

Technical specs

  • release date: December 2013
  • filming format: 2K
  • screening formats: HDHDVBDDVD
  • picture: colour, 1.78:1
  • sound: stereo 2.0
  • runtime: 1 min 37 sec
  • original language: Bulgarian
  • subtitles: English, Bulgarian
  • website: monoco.eu/praktrik


  • product designer – Petar Zaharinov


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