Body & Soul – The Sound of the Future

Music video – dir. Simeon Tsonchev

Listen to the sound, listen to the sound of the future

Body & Soul


It was in the summer of 2016 when the young Bulgarian pop band Body & Soul recorded its first single titled The Sound of the Future.

The audio was professionally recorded by Ivan Boshev (Pekarnata Studio) and George ‘Geegor’ Anagnostopoulos (Antelope Audio). Body & Soul’s music presents a stylish mix of Funk, melodic R&B and modern Acid Jazz.

The Sound of the Future

I’ve been in all the places you wanted me to go
I’ve believed in all the lies that you wanted me to know
And I kept on living my life, everyday with no cause
And like everyone around me I was feeling tired and lost

But then I had a dream, a vision in my head
And I saw my life with no anger or regret
I was filled with lies, but then I opened my mind
For all the dreams that are real and all the things that I can feel

Just look inside your soul & you will see the truth
That we all can make a difference and our faith is our hands
Listen to the voice within & he will lead you trough
Because that will be the sound of the future

Listen to the sound, listen to the
Listen to the sound, listen to the
Listen to the sound, listen to the
Sound of the future

We just got to stop & live our life in peace
Or we’ll end up in the dark with no friends just enemies
We’ve got to save the world and leave the past behind
Lets just start a brand new life, with an open mind

The sound, the sound, the sound of the future
Listen to the sound of the future

Technical specs

  • original title: Body & Soul – The Sound of the Future
  • country: Bulgaria
  • release date: December 2016
  • filming format: HD
  • screening formats: HD, BD, DV
  • picture: colour/black & white, 2.35:1
  • sound: stereo 2.0
  • runtime: 3 min 30 sec
  • original language: English
  • website: monoco.eu/soundfuture


  • Leonora Ilieva – music & voice
  • Bojana Spasova – backup vocals
  • Plamen Yordanov – music & guitar
  • Martin Hristov – bass
  • Aleksander Vasev – synths
  • Alex Lazarov – drums


  • director & editor – Simeon Tsonchev
  • directors of photography – Simeon Tsonchev, Emil Mitor, Mihai ‘Micu’ Muntean
  • sound engineer – Ivan Boshev
  • sound mixing and mastering – George ‘Geegor’ Anagnostopoulos
  • postproduction supervisor – Angrey Getov
  • photographer – Georgi Sharov
  • colourist – Kalin Petrov
  • producers – Georgi Lazarov, George ‘Geegor’ Anagnostopoulos and Simeon Tsonchev
  • production – Mono Collective and Antelope Audio

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