Stop motion video for Praktrik

We said Goodbye to the year of 2013 by creating a stop motion video in support of Praktrik’s crowdfunding campaign.

The idea of interior furniture serving various functions, ranging form work to rest and social activities, inspired product designer Petar Zaharinov to create multifunctional module systems allowing the quick and easy transformation of an interior space.

Following the concept of incessant transforming, Simeon Tsonchev, the director of the Praktrik created his video out of nearly 6000 photos – an invisible force drives the conduct of the elements, while the residents of the room enjoy listening to the music of Podington Bear.

This animated video is a coproduction between Mono Collective and Praktrik – a studio for interior design focused on “practical” “tricks”. Inspired by interlocking burr puzzles, Praktrik’s furniture is designed of natural, ecological and harmless materials. Its uncanny geometrical structures offer both fun and intellectual challenge; they are both assemblable and disassemblable; both utilitarian and mystical; both comfortable and beautiful. Support the creation of a puzzle furniture collection for children as well as the development of smart interior solutions on a global scale by taking part in Praktrik’s campaign at Indiegogo.