Please help us shoot Bo Nan Za

We have recently launched the crowd-funding campaign of our independent film project Bo Nan Za (directed by Andrey Getov; cinematography by Ivan Vatsov). Bo Nan Za is a multi-narrative film inspired by the solemn poetics and the allusional traditions of westerns on the one hand, and by the empathic spirit of docu-fiction on the other.

Bo Nan Za is produced by Andrey Getov, Ivan Vatsov, Delyan Kaloyanov and Simeon Tsonchev. So far the main cast of Bo Nan Za includes the wonderfully talented Alexandra Spasova, Biser Marinov, Daniel Rashev and Finiti Meretighan. Our team has been further backed by the creativity of Vanina Geleva (art director), Dilyana Manavska (graphic design), Kalin Petrov (colour grading) and Dimitar Velichkov-Shmidt (sound design). We have also had the privilege of collaborating with the free improvising musicians of FlyWe2DaMoon (BigBanda) who are to compose and record the complete original music score of Bo Nan Za .

In case we are fortunate enough to reach the fundraising goal of our campaign, we would like to start the principal photography of Bo Nan Za in the summer of 2017. Thank you all for your interest and support!