Bo Nan Za

Project for feature-length surrealistic western – dir. Andrey Getov

Help us produce the surrealistic western Bo Nan Za!

Why crowdfunding?

Bo Nan Za is a multi-narrative film inspired by the solemn poetics and the allusional traditions of westerns on the one hand, and by the empathic spirit of docu-fiction on the other.

We turn to crowdfunding, aiming to avoid any pre-conditioned industry “standards” and thus keep Bo Nan Za’s slightly offbeat cinematic rhythm.

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A bunch of solitary drifters grope their way through the sun-drenched wilderness. Misguided by hopes and driven by shadows, they silently fall into a certain kind of dependency…

Some bizarrely similar characters inhabit a “nowadays” world of different limits. Embarking on a night quest through the streets of a modern city, they experience unlikely encounters from both the “highs” and “lows” of urban life.

A change of roles is about to come.

Technical specs

  • original title: Бо Нан За Bo Nan Za
  • alternate titles: Bo Nan Za
  • country: Bulgaria
  • release date: t. b. a
  • filming format: 4K
  • screening formats: DCP, HD, BD
  • picture: colour, 2.35:1
  • sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • runtime: t. b. a
  • original language: Bulgarian, English
  • subtitles: Bulgarian, English
  • IMDb: t.b.a.
  • website: monoco.eu/bonanza


  • Alexandra Spasova
  • Biser Marinov
  • Daniel Rashev
  • Finiti Meretighan
  • Horse Lala


  • scriptwriter, director and editor – Andrey Getov
  • director of photography – Ivan Vatsov
  • producers – Andrey Getov, Delyan Kaloyanov and Ivan Vatsov
  • co-producer– Simeon Tsonchev
  • art director and costume designer – Vanina Geleva
  • original music score – Bo Nan Za © 2016 FlyWe2DaMoon
  • sound designer – Dimitar ‘Schmidt’ Velichkov
  • make-up designer – Hristiyana Zaharieva and Krasimira Petrova
  • assistant director – Simeon Tsonchev
  • focus puller – Vassil Paunov
  • sound engineer – Tencho Moskov
  • property master – Angel Stoyanov
  • animal handler – Nikola Gugov
  • colourist – Kalin Petrov
  • graphic designer – Dilyana Manavska
  • transport – Anatoliy Dimitrov
  • unit production manager – Martin Petrov
  • catering – Stefana Todorova
  • production – CinEye and Mono Collective

Kindly supported by

Special thanks

Ivan Andreev, Tom Kirk, Gergana Ivanova, Nevena Germanova, Iskra Atanassova, Stefan Krastev

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