Our film about Sustainable Mountains and Pirin Mountain

Recently we’ve been working on our documentary For Pirin; it is a brief introduction to the Sustainable Mountains Initiative, and to some of the people that participate in it. We share our personal experience in Pirin Mountain, we discuss what makes its preservation so important and we reveal that it would be possible only if we all take part in it.

We invite you to take part in the Sustainable Mountains Initiative because it’s our responsibility as active citizens who love nature to make sure that the management plan for Pirin National Park does not permit harmful human activities in this magnificent mountain.

The Sustainable Mountains Initiative aims to attract as many and as varied people as possible to the management of natural resources. Its area of activity is focused in South West Bulgaria, and in particular on the documentation that regulates the management of Rila, Pirin and Vitosha mountains and their forests and rivers. The Initiative runs a website, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page where the public can make proposals for the sustainable development of mountains, forests and rivers in Bulgaria.

We wish to thank Martina Popova from the Sustainable Mountains Initiative for her inspiring energy, to Stoil Dimitrov from Beardfrost Productions for the unique footage of winter-time Pirin, and to all mountain-lovers for their love for the mountain and their will to preserve it!