New artists – composer and cinematographer

We are very happy to welcome Maya Harrigan and Ivaylo Donchev in Mono Collective!

Maya Harrigan is a sound designer and music score composer with extensive experience in TV Commercial productions. We worked together on the music score for the social videos Protection and Drop by Drop. More recently Maya composed some of the beautiful songs for the soundtrack of Flying Away, the wildlife film about Bulgarian birds and she also contributed enormously with the sound design of the film.

Ivaylo Donchev is an experienced photographer and cinematographer with professional occupations ranging from photography work for printed media to free-lance feature and documentary cinematographer. He has received numerous prizes for photography and cinematography. He worked as DoP in Mono Collective’s short Delete. More recently Ivaylo shot the official video of the Filmini Short Film Festival, the documentary Late Home and another documentary with Mono Collective, which is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Welcome, friends!