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We produce films in Bulgaria

Mono Collective is a platform for producing and promoting films, music videos, TV advertisements, photography and music. Mono Collective was founded to present and support emerging Bulgarian artists willing to develop their talents in the fields of visual art, music and experiment. We are mono, because we value our own identities, but we are also united into a collective, because we like exchanging ideas. Our approach is always personal no matter how big the project is. We participate in both commercial and non-commercial enterprises just because we love our job.

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Mono Collective
141 Evlogi i Hristo Georgiev blvd.
Sofia 1504
+359 898 472 844

Our clients & partners

Our experience in film production has earned the trust and respect of companies from Bulgaria, UK, Sweden, Ukraine, Canada. We have developed successful partnerships with NGOs, foreign embassies, cultural and educational institutes, universities, private companies, advertising agencies, photo studios, animation and graphic design studios, fashion studios, casting agencies, film distributors, production companies, rental houses, etc.

* Mono Collective is a registered Bulgarian film producer and distributor. EA NFC reg. numbers: 2011100407 & 2011230099. We publush our film titles in IMDb.